Creating Custom Tokens for Roll20: A Step-by-Step Guide [with Stats and Tips]

What is make token for roll20?

Make token for Roll20 is a process through which users can create custom tokens to use in their virtual tabletop games. Tokens are small images representing characters, monsters, or objects that can be moved around on the game board. To create a token, users must select an image and upload it to Roll20’s Token Maker tool. They can then manipulate aspects of the image such as size, shape, and transparency to create their desired appearance.

Important facts about making tokens for Roll20

  1. The uploaded image should have transparent background or else there will be a white box under the token face if not adjusted properly during uploading & initial setting up.
  2. Tokens created with the free version of Roll20 may have watermarks added to them by default – this may be removed after purchasing monthly subscription plans from them.
  3. If you’re creating your first handcrafted set of tokens somewhat complicated trial-and-error method involved but when users get familiar with tool it will become effortless hence saving time.

FAQs About Making Tokens for Roll20: What You Need to Know

Roll20 is one of the most popular virtual tabletop platforms on the market, allowing gamers all around the world to connect and play together. One of the key features that makes Roll20 such a great platform for tabletop gaming is its ability to allow users to create custom tokens that can be used in their games.

If you’re new to Roll20 or are considering creating your own custom tokens, it’s likely that you have some questions. In this blog post, we’ll explore some FAQs about making tokens for Roll20 so you can get started with confidence.

1) What exactly are Roll20 Tokens?
Roll20 Tokens are digital representations of characters, creatures and other items that appear on-screen during gameplay. These icons provide players with an easy way to identify different elements within a game as well as adding flavour through visual representation.

2) What Software do I Need to Make Custom Tokens?
Roll 20 has an integrated token editor built into it’s software which can help create simple illustrations right inside the web application itself. But if you want more advanced design options outside of this basic tool, programs like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), are ideal when wanting greater creative control over your designs.

3) Can I Use Any Image From The Internet To Create My Own Token?

This question constantly arises for those trying out customising their game board assets using pictures from Google Images or directly from websites where third-party images exist – However it is highly recommended not use external resources due copyright infringement risks . Instead try creating artwork yourself instead taking advantages of royalty-free graphics services online often available free either permanently or temporarily based subscription models.

4) How Do You Upload Custom-made Tokens Into A Game Session On Roll 20 ?
Uploading your newly made asset previously saves as PNG file without background color interruption process then access them easily by going through “My Library” section under “Art Asset” headers menu bar icon..

5) Is there Any Restrictions or Limitations on Token Generation?
Roll20 offers a number of tokens for both free and paid users through Roll20 Marketplace. There are no limitations to what type of token you can create, however keep in mind that for best results try using images which are clear and with as few pixels as possible.

In summary- Custom tokens on Roll 20 provide gamers the ability to develop more engaging visual content within their games by customising icons often better suited than default options gameplay offered. For creating proper pieces needed programs like Adobe Photoshop though via basic user interface designs could be made quickly inside its connected integrated editor tool respectively , while keeping some considerations such not taking images from prohibited sources due copyright issues arise which may legal concerns later down line. It’s all fun and games until someone infringes a trademarked asset! So take heed when uploading what might seem like borrowed assets into your game sessions.

Why Every Roll20 Player Should Know How to Make Tokens

Roll20 is an amazing platform that allows players from all around the world to come together and play tabletop games. One of its key features, however, are tokens – digital representations of characters, monsters and objects used in-game. Tokens add a whole new level to gameplay by allowing you to visually see what’s happening on the board.

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Let me tell you why every Roll20 player should know how to make tokens.

Firstly, if you’re playing a game with no pre-generated assets; making your own will really bring your game alive. If your GM has not supplied any images or they just don’t look right for what character or creature looks like – use your creative muscles and generate one yourself! Making your own token can be incredibly satisfying as it gives another dimension of expression alongside creating a backstory for said character/monster/object.

Additionally, sometimes the internet may fail us and we may have trouble finding perfect image(s) online for characters/Game Master(Supervisor). In this case being able craft our own unique piece means there can be nobody who knows that art quite like us!

Most importantly though: customisation. Everyone likes having their own personalised game pieces or items on roll. By allowing gamers space within Roll20 sessions through token creation brings a whole new depth of personalization which makes each gaming session even more enjoyable than ever before! Having personally crafted assets allows everyone at virtual table to become emotionally invested in specific aspects of the game’s landscapes/encounters/.

Not only do these self-made token enhance emotional attachment but also creativity amongst members involved especially if some players enjoy creating NPCs (Non-Playing Characters) which helps out busy Game Masters giving them more time focus solely on plot management/Fight scenes rather than always thinking about designing creatures/parts of maps etc.! It permits those who love logging into said virtual tables/campaigns tick off yet another successful design created within.

In conclusion,making tokens sets apart Roll20 Experience from those who simply play other formats of TTRPGs. It enhances the level of personalisation, collaboration and creativity that’s available to players within it! Every gamer should learn how to create tokens in order to fully appreciate Roll20’s versatility and enhance their overall game-play experience.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Making Tokens for Roll20

Tabletop games are all about creating an immersive experience that enables players to forget where they are, transporting them into a world of epic battles and endless possibilities. Roll20 is one of the most popular virtual tabletops available today, allowing gamers across the globe to connect with each other and enjoy their favourite RPGs online.

One critical aspect in making a compelling Roll20 game is having engaging tokens for your characters and creatures. In this article, we will highlight the top five facts you need to know when creating custom-made tokens for your campaign on Roll20.

1) Size Matters:
When designing your tokens, it’s essential to consider their size carefully. The recommended dimensions for Roll20 tokens should ideally be 1400 x 1400 pixels or more significant than 50KB in file size. Using smaller token sizes such as those from standard images might result in pixelation which could hinder immersion during gameplay.

2) A Token Tells A Story:
Tokens play a crucial role in communicating information about characters or creatures at first glance. Make sure any visual cues match relevant attributes depicting directionality and positioning aids by showing clear views from different angles can save time loss due to confusion mid-fight thus adding progression within gameplay.

3) Are You Breaking Copyright Laws?:
Many artists put out stunning artwork drawing inspiration from books, TV shows, movies games etcetera which may inspire further context such as representation for a given skill/class/buff/power up but make sure that art assets used are public domain pieces since copyrighted work comes with legal implications otherwise.

4) Pixel Perfect Precision:
Making Tokens can seem daunting initially; however, there are tools available like GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program,) Photoshop CC worth noting that any software works if scaleable without ruining quality upon resizing also when layering background/foreground always ensure accuracy while sparing no detail improving overall quality.

5) A Personal Touch Goes A Long Way:
The final and most important fact is to inject a personal touch of creativity when making the Tokens. Adding custom-type font names, creative expressions unique for that character like pets or companions in a general sense can go a long way. Hence make them more engaging; therefore, players are sure to be invested!

So there you have it! Five critical tips on designing your perfect token experience for Roll20 games. Remember: size matters, storytelling through design prompts clear communication during battle scenarios, avoid copyright infringements & utilise tools such as GIMP and Photoshop CC which assist with scaling without damaging quality . Ultimately uniqueness speaks volumes so ensure graphic designs are personalised fusing artistic abilities achieving an interactive atmosphere leaving gamers atones throughout gameplay till victory!

Expert Tips and Tricks for Creating Custom Tokens on Roll20

If you’re a tabletop gamer, then chances are that you’ve heard of Roll20. This online virtual tabletop can be an incredible tool to bring your gaming group together when physical proximity isn’t possible or practical. Aside from its core functionality, one of the most powerful tools on Roll20 is the ability to create custom tokens.

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Tokens are the avatars or pieces that represent characters and creatures on the game board. They come in all sizes, shapes and colours, but if you’re not satisfied with what’s already available then creating your own token is simple enough with these expert tips.

1. Image size matters:

Before creating any token it’s crucial to understand how sizes work on Roll20 so that things scale properly for gameplay purposes.Try downloading a template which has instructions and guides built-in.There are many sources offering these templates for free.Google Sheets also offer some Flexible Templates optimised for character/avatar creation.

2. Layering matters too:

When working on your design keep in mind how they will stack up against other elements such as background color maps etc.Learn more about layering basics here

3. Variety plays key role alongside clarity –

Make sure each model differs enough visually while being clear for players to recognize.Control variety by outlining different Tokens’ themes,such as backgrounds,vicinity,your playing difficulty preferences etc.Double-check before uploading,no element should compromise entertainment experience.


Colours play vital importance .Creating unique, vibrant contrasts,knowing patterns helping instilling feeling or emotions(players would try their best protecting wainscoting), highlight items important within game,affects flexibility/theme.Spend time crafting designs selecting exciting colour schemes.Deciding wisely on hue intensity influences visibility,lends atmosphere;avoid overusing solid black/glassy sheen.

5.Keepping Consistency & Style-

similar font/familiar outlook,popular tv-show/movie/cartoon characters provides similarity, the audience can relate to instantly.Consistently following characters traits adds fun element.Tokens of different categories must have consistency among themselves too

6. Empathize with players:

Always keep in mind the game’s player experience while creating tokens, as token arts play huge role ,focus on elements providing that immersive feeling.Invest heavily on iterating viewers’ feedback (if available),discussing upgrades and improvement.Dedicate some time going through community roll20 forums or subreddits dedicated for character artworks.

Creating a custom Roll20 token is an exciting process which allows you an opportunity to express your imagination/skills.
Following above tips will set you well on a way toward compelling representations both visually as well as strategically leading ultimately to extraordinary multiplayer experiences.

Avoiding Common Mistakes When Making Tokens on Roll20

As a seasoned Roll20 user, I have seen many individuals make common mistakes when creating tokens on the platform. Whether it is poor image quality or improper resizing, these errors can detract from an otherwise immersive gaming experience. In this blog post, I will discuss some of the most frequent token creation mishaps and provide tips for how to avoid them.

First and foremost, if you are planning on using an image as your token artwork, make sure it is high-quality with a resolution of at least 300dpi. A low-resolution image not only looks bad but also becomes pixelated when enlarged during gameplay. If you cannot find an appropriately sized high-resolution image online, consider creating your own through digital painting software like Photoshop or GIMP.

Another common error made by Roll20 users is choosing too small of a canvas size for their token images without realizing that they need to be proportionately resized before upload into Roll20’s token interface. Avoid squeezing large creatures onto tiny canvases; instead choose sizes that match up relatively well in terms of dimensions such as squares versus rectangles (e.g., don’t try to fit a horse into a square canvas).

Properly sizing your tokens is crucial to ensuring consistency across multiple character sheets and visual appeal within the game world itself. When resizing art assets for roll20 tokens double-check that you haven’t changed any aspect ratios which can lead to skewed proportions ultimately ruining immersion per player senses during playtime!

In addition to proper sizing, make sure your transparency settings are correct when uploading images as tokens on Roll20’s platform . There are two ways to adjust transparency – either via screenshotting in photoshop by extracting just the characters from their background OR adjusting RQ regardless if taking direct screenshots if they showcase certain levels like layers while doodling in different hues atop one another or gradient overlays – ensuring seamless blending between foregrounds & backgrounds objects.

Lastly: don’t forget – less can often be more where token design is concerned. Whilst it can be tempting to pack as much detail and character into your tokens as possible, often such excessive detail can make things visually cluttered & difficult for players new to Roll20 games or those with slower connection speeds! Often a single well chosen color like white on black will suffice and aid in differentiating PC sprites within scenes against all the chaos of enemies / npcs’ happening behind-the-scenes.

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In conclusion, creating tokens for use on Roll20 requires careful attention to detail in terms of resolution quality, sizing considerations that accurately portray image aspect ratios snugly simply enough they don’t disorient viewers , proper transparency settings when necessary only by preference not mandate unless needed given layering constraints/or multi-colored artwork involved during editing/post-work stages ; overall minimalism principles go a long way in conveying an image’s meaning whilst ensuring streamlined experiences – so consider these tips when making your next batch of tokens ready for gameplay experience enhancement!. Happy playing!

Making Your Game Come to Life with Unique Custom Tokens on Roll20

Are you tired of playing games with the same old generic tokens on Roll20? Do you want to add a personal touch to your gaming experience and bring your game to life? Look no further, because custom tokens are here to save the day!

Creating custom tokens for your games not only adds a unique flair but also helps players differentiate characters, objects, and enemies in a visually appealing way. It also allows players and game masters (GMs) alike to showcase their creativity by adding their own artistic touch.

So how can you create custom tokens for Roll20? Let’s go over some tips:

1. Use existing images: You don’t have to be an artist or graphic designer to make great tokens. Search online for images that fit what you’re looking for such as fantasy creatures or sci-fi spaceships. There are countless free resources available like DeviantArt or even Pinterest where creators share their works freely.

2. Get creative with editing tools: Once you find the perfect image it’s time put some personal touches on them using basic image editors like GIMP (free), Adobe Photoshop or Canva (paid). Experimenting with different effects can make all the difference; adjust brightness, color balance, saturation levels – The possibilities are endless.

3. Experiment with different frames: Borders give shape & structure around our visuals allowing us manipulate focus through visual weight distribution giving more attention & significance towards certain aspects versus another while providing aesthetic appeal.. So when selecting borders consider things contrast between negative/positive space patterns used thoughtfully placement within composition size..

4. Consider readability: Now that we’ve got everything setup putting myself into player-mode will assess whether my design is coherent enough during actual gameplay making sure essential details aren’t too small obscuring view neither too large drowning out other information..

Now let’s talk about how adding these unique and customized elements serve several purposes from lightening up any moods emphasizing important information heightening immersion giving participants another aspect way to express themselves creatively inside/outside characters.

When your players see custom tokens, it immediately captures their attention and sets the tone for an exciting game. Each player can have a unique token that represents their character, making it easier for everyone to keep track of who’s who on the board. Moreover It’s also great leverage against any confusion in identifying amongst various pieces quickly.

Customizing Roll20 with new art is not only much more aesthetically pleasing but makes our campaign stand out as something worth experiencing vs simply taking notes on. With that uniqueness derived from using customized tokens allowing one to fully embrace all manner of creativity whether small subtle touches portraying mood/tone or grand elaborate spectacles showcasing intricate worlds & dreamscapes!

In conclusion – there are no limits when creating custom Roll20 tokens! Let your imagination run wild and create a gaming experience unlike any other. By doing so we solidify bonds between ourselves those at table inspiring each other along creative journey towards epic tales making memories last lifetime well beyond time spent playing.. The real reward gained through this process lies showing off how much love devotion went into crafting such visual masterpieces during playtime enhancing collective sense ownership over shared experiences indicative higher level engagement avid involvement outside interests hobbies far removed tabletop games alike!

Table with useful data:

Token Name Token Image URL Token Size Token Description
Goblin Medium A small, green-skinned creature with pointy ears.
Orc Large A brutish humanoid with gray skin and protruding tusks.
Dragon Huge A massive creature with black scales and the ability to breathe fire.
Human Fighter Medium A skilled warrior in armor, wielding a sword and shield.
Elf Wizard Medium A wise, robed figure with pointed ears and a magic wand.

Information from an expert

As an expert in game development, I believe that making tokens for Roll20 is a crucial aspect of creating a seamless and immersive gaming experience. Tokens allow players to visualize their characters and interact with the environment, enhancing the gameplay. The key to making successful tokens is to create unique designs that fit the game’s aesthetic and function well within the platform’s parameters. This requires attention to detail, creativity, and technical skill. Investing time into developing high-quality tokens can greatly elevate gameplay quality and increase player engagement.

Historical Fact:

Roll20 was founded in 2012 as a virtual tabletop gaming platform that operates on the web. It enables players to play and manage role-playing games seamlessly from anywhere worldwide, with its noteworthy smart features like animated figures, interactive plan maps, character sheets management & more. In Roll20’s free-to-play mode, users can keep campaigns running indefinitely via advanced tools like real-time map changing capabilities, dynamic lighting for full visibility control in dark environments and adjustable width grids for customizing dungeons or playing spaces. To use these exciting features why not create your own token using the Token Stamp maker available at!

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