Transform Your Elder Scrolls Online Character with Appearance Change Tokens: A Guide to Customization [Stats and Tips Included]

Short answer: Elder Scrolls Online appearance change token

An appearance change token is an item in Elder Scrolls Online that allows players to alter the physical appearance of their character, including race and gender. It can be purchased from the Crown Store or earned through completing certain achievements.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Elder Scrolls Online Appearance Change Token

Are you tired of looking at the same old character model in Elder Scrolls Online? Are you yearning for a fresh look to show off as you take on Tamriel’s challenges? Look no further, because with the Appearance Change Token, you can revamp your character’s style in just a few simple steps. Here is our step-by-step guide to using this invaluable item.

Step 1: Acquire an Appearance Change Token
To get started on this process, players must first acquire an Appearance Change Token by purchasing it from the Crown Store or receiving one through ESO Plus benefits. This token is important when wanting to change any aspect of how your beloved adventurer looks overall.

Step 2: Find the “Collections” tab
Go ahead and open up your menu screen, where we will navigate over to the “Collections” tab located near skills and inventory slots at the top of the menu bar. Clicking on that door-like icon will unveil multiple collections such as mounts, pets and appearance options — select appearance!

Step 3: Locate “Tokens”
Once in appearance collections section click under which subcategory do these styles fit under- Armor Styles/ Collections Appearances / Body Markings/ Hair Styles – collectibles offered respectively appear listed here under Tokens.

Step 4: Apply Changes
After finding all applicable tokens necessary input them individually into desired customization slot listings appeasing game directives until satisfied with selections made before clicking apply changes button towards end stages completion circle button.

With those four easy-to-follow steps complete – voila! You’re now sporting a new look that will dazzle other players across Tamriel who may not even recognize their fellow adventurers anymore. The beauty about utilizing Elders Scroll Online’s changed tokens ensures each player has full creative control over their character while providing a fun factor gamers crave without risking starting anew altogether.

In conclusion, make sure to follow these directions carefully so that you don’t miss out on any important steps, wasting your hard-earned tokens! The Appearance Change Token not only provides a new look for oneself in game but also offers players hours of amusement. Don’t wait – get to customizing and shake things up in ESO with newfound flare unbeatable by other adventurers alike!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Elder Scrolls Online Appearance Change Token

The Elder Scrolls Online Appearance Change Token is a popular item amongst players of the game. It allows for customization of character appearances, from hair color and style to facial features and body markings.

As such, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of questions asked about this useful in-game tool. Here are some FAQs you may have wondered about:

1. What exactly can I change with an appearance change token?

The possibilities are endless! You can modify your character’s height, weight, complexion and even tattoos on their face or body parts as well which gives them unique identity.

2. Can I use my appearance change token more than once?

Yes! Once you purchase an appearance change token from the Crown Store (or got awarded via events), it will be available in your account inventory permanently until you consume for one time use.

3. Is using an appearance change token easy?

Absolutely! Simply navigate to the Character Alteration screen within The Elder Scrolls Online menu and select ‘Appearance Change’ after consuming & accepting terms n conditions of usage policy; then proceed through each step by following instructions given on-screen.

4. Do I need any additional items or resources to perform changes through tokens?

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Nope! The beauty of ESO Appearance Change Tokens is that they offer full access without needing any other resource outside itself upon purchase or reward received **however**, various costumes where not only provide aesthetic appeal but also having special effects like bonus experience gain while killing monsters too must be purchased independently if wanting those benefits applied after alteration attempt!

5. Can NPCs refer us differently before & after our characters get changed with these tokens?

This depends on several factors – most notably what modifications were made during the process: major cosmetic overhauls might produce wildly different appearances which can result in NPC reactions changing correspondingly based on alterations being so starkly different from original attributes compared to subtle tweaks like inches added/removed height will probably go unnoticed since won’t affect armor or potential facial recognition programming involved within the games mechanics/lore; nevertheless, role-playing on this topic provides may even more engagement in-game!

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve learned about some of the most common questions people ask regarding The Elder Scrolls Online Appearance Change Tokens, it’s time to start thinking about engaging with one yourself. These tokens offer a great way to customize and modify your character without having to worry about starting over from scratch each time! With full control over every aspect of appearance possible, there’s no limit to how unique you can make your character truly yours within the game.

Pros and Cons of Using the Elder Scrolls Online Appearance Change Token

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a massive open world game that offers players endless opportunities to explore and create their own unique characters. However, as with any role-playing game (RPG), at some point, you may want to change your character’s appearance either due to personal preference or feeling stuck in the same look for too long.

Fortunately, ESO offers an Appearance Change Token that allows players to alter their character’s appearance. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of using this feature so you can make an informed decision when deciding whether it’s right for you.


1. Flexibility: The Appearance Change Token provides players with plenty of flexibility when customizing their characters’ looks. From facial features like eyes and nose shapes to hair color and tattoos, there are countless options available.

2. Cost-Effective: Purchasing an entirely new race or class can be expensive; however, changing only the physical attributes of your current character is comparatively more cost-effective by using the Appearance Change Token instead.

3. Convenient: With no need to set up a separate account on another server or rebooting from scratch if you’re not happy with how your hero turned out initially; utilizing the token saves time and effort while also satisfying visual preferences without undue hassle!

4. A Sense of Renewal: Getting tired of seeing your favorite hero looking drab? Changing things around brings freshness & excitement along with renewed sense towards continuing one’s quest through life within ESO world!


1.Costs Real Money:The Appearance Change Token requires real money purchase which many gamers feel unfair since they’ve already invested a lot in buying the base game content plus accumulative charges spent on vetting digital items leads financially exhausted even before beginning something new come again.

2.Jones Syndrome! Often times adjusting only appears until validating that switch draws fans into gaming further than ever before leading them possibly becoming addicted over time because once the looks change, people want to return and witness that new appearance in motion constantly which may end up being a rabbit hole.

3.Limited Change: The Appearance Change Token doesn’t entirely overhaul your character like resetting stats, skills, or other significant changes; it simply modifies only physical attributes of characters’ looks.

4.Resetting Vanity Metrics:The moment any player freezes upon using tokens is when vanity-obsessed players begin re-adjusting their appearances repeatedly rather than playing ambitiously without concerning themselves with how they look to others within ESO’s vast universe.

In conclusion, whether you choose to use the Elder Scrolls Online Appearance Change Token or not ultimately depends on what value proposition aligns best with you personally. Preferability over ease of quick personalization may trump venturing back into quest after completing 20+ gameplay hours! Explore through options before committing completely as even seemingly small things could impact one’s journey throughout ESO’s expansive and dynamic world for years come by.

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Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About The Elder Scrolls Online Appearance Change Token

The Elder Scrolls Online Appearance Change Token is a highly coveted item among players of the popular MMORPG. Its ability to allow gamers full customization over their characters’ appearance has made it one of the most sought-after items that play a vital role in enhancing gameplay experience. In this article, we will take you through five essential facts you need to know about The Elder Scrolls Online Appearance Change Token.

1) How to Get It?
The only way to obtain an ESO Appearance Change Token is by purchasing them with Crowns, which are virtual currency units used in-game for microtransactions. To acquire these Crowns, players can visit the official ESO store on their website or purchase them via PSN/Xbox Live account.

2) What Can You Customize With A Token?
An ESO Appearance Change Token allows users access to reconstruct practically every aspect of their character’s aesthetic appeal. From facial features and hairstyles down to skin tone and makeup – all aspects can be customized using these tokens.

3) Is There Any Limitations?
There exist some caveats regarding what modifications are not possible when utilizing Tokens-but they’re surprisingly few! Typically, Changes related strictly cosmetic procedures such as haircutting cannot be changed by consuming this token.

4) What About Extra Costumes?
With additional costumes available from both DLC additions and Crown Store purchases coupled with expansion packs-players wanting further flexibility when defining your gameplay experience may opt towards purchase upgrades and expansions rather than solely relying on availability w ithin-base game content!

5) Who Maintains Access Rights after Changing Your Character Look
Once an ESO Appearance Change Token is employed within any given account/game profile-as player information updates accompanying changes stays stored locally onto platform hardware/player’s hard drive allowing uninterrupted gaming time followed by seamless continuity throughout changing assets situated behind your Avatar.#teamwork#winning#gaming .

In conclusion, The Elder Scrolls Online Appearance Change Token is a brilliant addition that guarantees enhanced user experience and maximized customization. With the information provided in this article, we believe you will make an informed decision when considering purchasing The Elder Scrolls Online Appearance Change Token. So go ahead and take that step to customize your character with increased accuracy or more fun- remember you can always pivot at any time!

Can You Reverse Your Changes? Understanding the Limitations of ESO Appearance Change Tokens

In the world of The Elder Scrolls Online, appearances matter. Whether it’s a warrior clad in heavy armor or a mage wielding powerful spells, your avatars appearance is an integral part of their identity. But what if you change your mind about how they look? Can you reverse those changes and revert to a previous appearance?

The answer is yes, but with some important limitations.

ESO Appearance Change Tokens

One way to modify your character’s physical attributes such as race, hair style and color etc., is by using ESO Appearance Change Tokens (ACTs). These tokens can be purchased directly through the game store or obtained as rewards for completing certain quests.

Upon activation, ACTs allow players to customize various aspects of their avatar’s physical appearance. From facial features like eyes & nose shape/size/coloration/dark spots/makeup tattoo designs etc., skin tone variation from pale white through dark brown/black shades- there are options available that cater to almost everyone’s preferences.

But just as easily as these edits were made are they overwritten with more modifications during another use of an ACT. Unfortunately, ESO does not provide any option to undo this process once we have applied a new look.


There are only two exceptions where reverting back prior changes could work:
Firstly; Within 24 hours limit -Players who has used Appearance token within last 24 hour recharge window can contact customer support and make request for reversal which would take up-to one business day.
Secondly; “Outfit slot” feature allows players to separate visuals from gameplay impact thus multiple saved styles will remain present under saved outfit tabs where applying them again won’t cost anything nor overwrite previously existing styles.

Beside above mentioned exceptional scenarios unfortunately player customizations done via direct-in-game item shop purchase cannot be canceled later which also projects significant drawback over whole system itself because in essence these purchases forces every player using real money towards attracting more attention/yearly revenues to own cosmetic store.

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ESO Appearance Change Tokens provide a lot of flexibility for players who want to modify their character’s appearance. However, these changes have limitations and cannot be reverted sometimes which can lead to frustration if they were not expected or done as intended by player.

It’s important for players to make sure that they are completely satisfied with any modifications before committing time and currency into applying them permanently. Always double check what is being changed before hitting “apply” button so you won’t end up regretting your decisions later on!

Is it Worth Buying The Elder Scrolls Online Appearance Change Token? A Detailed Analysis

The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG that immerses players in a world filled with adventure, exploration and endless possibilities. With multiple customization options available for creating your unique character, many players are drawn to the variety of combinations offered by this game.

However, as we all know, the first impression is what lasts long. When it comes to being in any virtual world like The Elder Scrolls Online; the appearance of your character plays a significant role not only in terms of personal satisfaction but also when interacting with others.

Here comes the saviour- Appearance Change Token!

An Appearance Change Token (ACT) is an item you can buy from Tamriel Crown Store or receive during ESO Plus membership level-up rewards or event-related offers. This token allows you to change nearly every aspect of your avatar’s physical appearance such as skin tone, adornments , hair color/style etc., except facial shape.

We understand most tamrielic adventurers may be skeptical about spending $15 on changing their looks – so let’s explore whether buying ACT is worth it or not through some factors:

1) Cost: One must remember purchasing an ACT isn’t cheap since each instance costs around 1500 Crowns ($15 USD). However, if you have been playing the game for quite a while now and are still unsatisfied with how your hero looks ; cost should not come between you and finding satisfaction towards building up your gameplay experience .

2) Frequently Available: As mentioned earlier ,the Appearance Change Tokens are frequently made available either via crown sales or through reward incentives therefore increasing access into modifying characters numerous times without breaking one’s bank.

3) Extensive Customizations : Not everyone has identical taste when it comes to fashioning digital avatars –luckily these tokens provide ample opportunities where no stone was left unturned! From intricate tattoos designs detailing skin texture variations facial adornment choices matched along with various hairstyles,due credit has been given equal attention when it comes to options. These advancements removes boredom while investing a more personal touch in customized characters making each of them distinct from the rest.

4) Immersion Factor : For Gamers, how much they get lost within the game world due to aesthetic appeal directly influences their level of interest and attachment towards playing ESO long term. ACT provides you with renewed enthusiasm will make gaming experience enjoyable as well realistic personalised feel!

5) Saves Time: Imagine realizing that after hours or even days spent creating an avatar that -leaves you unsatisfied? The most common solution to such grievances used to be deleting everything and starting anew – these tokens makes it entirely unnecessary as one can customize avatars quickly without spending extra hours replaying tutorial levels.

Final Conclusion:
So is Appearance Change Token worth buying then? After thorough analysis ,its safe to say that if cost isn’t your main concern- customization should bring for yourself or others a close yet compelling logic on why owning at least one token is unquestionably influential It acts like a perfect way wherein gamers may alter appearances by exploring new creative visual avenues in game-life, thus maintaining gameplay zeal lasting longer!

Table with useful data:

Appearance Change Token Description Price Where to buy
Appearance Change Token Allows players to change their character’s appearance 1,000 Crowns ESO Crown Store
Any Race, Any Alliance Pack Allows players to create characters of other races in any alliance 2,000 Crowns ESO Crown Store
Race Change Token Allows players to change their character’s race 3,000 Crowns ESO Crown Store
Name Change Token Allows players to change their character’s name 2,500 Crowns ESO Crown Store

Information from an expert

As an expert in Elder Scrolls Online, I highly recommend using the appearance change token to customize your character’s looks. This feature is essential if you want to create a unique identity for your character and stand out from the crowd. The tokens are relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and allow you to modify everything from facial features to body type. With this feature, there’s no need to worry about being stuck with a boring or unappealing character appearance!

Historical fact:

The appearance change token was introduced in Elder Scrolls Online’s Crown Store on August 15, 2017, allowing players to alter the physical features of their characters without having to create a new one.

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