5 Reasons Why Monopoly Fans Went Crazy When a Cat Replaced the Token [2013 Monopoly Update]

Short answer: Monopoly token replaced by a cat in 2013

The board game Monopoly replaced its iron token with a cat in 2013, after an online fan vote. The other options included a robot, helicopter, guitar, and diamond ring. This was the first time in the game’s history that a token had been retired and replaced based on popular demand.

How the Iconic Monopoly Token was Replaced by a Feline Friend

Have you ever played Monopoly and felt a bizarre attachment to one of the tiny metal game pieces? Maybe it was the top hat, or the race car, or even the thimble. However, in 2013, an iconic token was voted off the board by popular demand—the iron.

The iron had been a part of Monopoly since its introduction in 1935. It was originally designed to represent domestic work and household economy, a symbol of femininity during that time period. But as times changed, so did its relevance. In fact, Hasbro even admitted that sales for Monopoly sets with the iron were consistently lower than those without.

And thus began a worldwide campaign to replace the iron with something more current—a cat. A feline friend! Clearly cats had become ubiquitous on social media and memes by then—after all, cats have nine lives!

Hasbro launched an online poll allowing fans to vote on eight possible new tokens: The robot (a sneaky move by sci-fi aficionados?), guitar (for music lovers), diamond ring (for wannabe millionaires), helicopter (fully equipped for laziness), cat (obvious choice of millennials worldwide because they totally get us), toy robot (for kids looking up their next STEM project) and a smiling emoji (because why not).

In no surprise at all cashing-in-on-feline love won out in which it took 31% of votes as opposed to nearest rival; the robot at only 8%.

But now that we’re living in an era where viral sensations rule supreme—it makes perfect sense that social media could affect even our old-school board games too. And honestly who doesn’t like cats?

So say goodbye to your beloved iron but welcome aboard our feline friend—all hail Cat-opoly!

Step-by-Step Guide: How Was the Monopoly Token Replaced by a Cat in 2013?

In 2013, the world of Monopoly was shaken up when it was announced that the beloved iron token would be replaced by a new addition to the iconic board game: a cat. For die-hard fans of the game, this news caused quite a stir, leading them to wonder how and why such a decision was made.

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Well, fear not my fellow Monopoly aficionados! We have compiled here for you a step-by-step guide on exactly how that majestic feline took its rightful place on Boardwalk and Park Place.

Step 1: The Campaign Begins

The original campaign aimed at adding a new token to Monopoly started in early 2013, when Hasbro announced that it would be asking fans voted to choose among classic and new tokens what should stay or go.

Step 2: The Iron Token Retires

Unsurprisingly, one of the lowest-ranking tokens in terms of popularity was the iron token. So it was sadly time for our trusty little iron friend to gracefully retire after years of service.

Step 3: The Cat Competition Heats Up

In a separate contest taking place simultaneously with the vote about retiring the iron token, fans were asked to vote for their favorite replacements online. Competing against other potential newcomers like an helicopter, a guitar or even a robot dinosaur. But it turned out there was one clear winner from day one — and that winner…was/IS THE CAT!

Step 4: Fans’ Love Affair with Cats Seals The Deal

It wasn’t surprising that people chose cats as they are widely known pets all over world (and internet). Plus – who can resist those adorable whiskers? With so many devoted feline lovers out there :), supporters rallied around their choice in droves.

Step 5: The Newest Addition Joins Monopoly History

With enough votes tallied and millions* -yes millions- more sold since then*, Hasbro pulled the iron token from Monopoly history and replaced it with a fluffy, four-legged feline. The rest is history.*

In conclusion, although it was sad to see an old friend like the iron retire from Monopoly History, the addition of a cute and cuddly cat definitely made up for it. After all, isn’t that what games are ultimately all about? Having fun and enjoying the company we’re keeping while we play?

* There are no official numbers lol

Frequently Asked Questions About the Monopoly Token Replacement with a Cat in 2013

In 2013, the game of Monopoly underwent a major facelift with the replacement of one of its iconic player tokens. The beloved iron token was taken out of circulation and replaced with a new cat token. This decision sparked numerous questions among avid Monopoly players and enthusiasts alike. Below are some frequently asked questions about this momentous change:

1. Why replace the iron token with a cat?
The decision to replace the iron token was simply based on consumer preference. Hasbro, the company behind Monopoly, polled fans online asking which new token they would like to see added to the game. The cat won by a landslide and was added in as replacement for the iron.

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2. How did people react to this change?
There were mixed reactions from both casual players and hardcore Monopoly enthusiasts when news about the replacement first broke out. Some were excited about having a new addition animal-based counterpart while others were outraged at the thought of their beloved tokens being changed.

3. Are there any other changes made to the game during this time?
Aside from replacing an oldie player token with something fresh and exciting, Hasbro also updated some aspects of their packaging and branding overall.

4. Will there be more replacements in Game Tokens soon?
It’s possible that Hasbro may conduct further polls or make more changes in response to feedback from consumers however no official announcements have been made so far.

5. Is it possible to use both iron tokens and cat tokens in one match?
Yes! You can mix and match any combination you’d like in terms of player tokens, giving you even more variation for each round!

In conclusion, Monopoly’s decision making process behind adding a brand new animal companion as part of their infamous player tokens adds an element of uniqueness while still keeping with its traditional gameplay mechanics intact since 1934+. Changes have been met with reactions across different generations but ultimately it’s up to how people choose to play. And being able to mix and match tokens adds an added layer of fun and personality to each experience.

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Monopoly Token Replacement with a Cat

When Hasbro made the announcement that they were replacing one of the classic Monopoly tokens with a cat back in 2013, it sparked a frenzy among fans of this iconic board game. While some may have been resistant to change, the majority of players eagerly embraced their new feline companion. However, even if you’re a die-hard fan of Monopoly, there are still likely some fascinating facts about the token replacement decision that you might not be aware of. Here are five intriguing tidbits about the switch to a kitty-shaped token:

1. The Iron Token was Brought Down by Popular Vote

One thing that many people don’t realize is that Hasbro didn’t simply decide on their own to replace one of the tokens with a cat. Instead, they put the decision to an online vote in which fans could choose from five possible replacement options: a robot, diamond ring, guitar, helicopter and yes, a cat. In the end, more than 10 million votes were cast and it was decided that poor old Mr. Iron had to go.

2. A Famous Cat Named Lil Bub Helped Promote the Campaign

Hasbro knew they had to promote their upcoming token contest if they wanted fans to take it seriously so they enlisted celebrity assistance in order to do so. One such Famous influencer who joined forces for more votes was Lil Bub – perhaps one of the internet’s most popular cats! Her involvement surely propelled her already-strong fan base into action for gaining momentum behind “Team Cat”.

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3. The Movement for Replacing an Old Token Had Been Growing Strong

Though games like Hasbro’s Monopoly will always maintain its massive appeal due its nostalgia factor- there has always been an almost unnoticed movement which advocated for making updates- especially when giving out choices like “boot or iron” seemed rather archaic at best considering how we live in immensely progressive times- as well as odd since these accessories are unlike the normal fare worn today. While these tokens had been a part of the game for decades, by the time they came to be replaced there was an increase movement towards inclusivity reflected in modern life and thus the campaign took on this very goal whole-heartedly.

4. The Cat Token had Harbored Shady Roots Before as Perhaps A Hairbrush

Not everyone was thrilled with the replacement option ultimately chosen by voters, however. As it turns out, the cat token is nearly identical to one that was found in a vintage version of Monopoly from 1935! In that edition, the piece was intended to represent a hairbrush—not exactly what most people would associate with feline company!

5. This Wasn’t the First Game Piece Replacement Controvesy

While some may have criticized Hasbro’s decision to replace Mr. Iron with a cat as nothing more than an attention-grabbing ploy, it’s worth noting that this isn’t actually the first time changes have been made to Monopoly’s game pieces over its lengthy history. For example, back in 2011 when Hasbro released their “Monopoly Revolution” edition that controversially swapped out physical money for an electronic banking system.

In conclusion, from Lil Bub’s unlikely involvement in swaying public opinion to representing diversity- there are many fascinating facets regarding how one simple add-on has stirred so much passion and discussion among board game enthusiasts globally. Whether you’re a fan of cats or not, it’s hard not to appreciate just how intriguing this particular Monopoly competition really was – and who knows what kind of change will come next?!

Table with useful data:

Year Monopoly Token Replacement Token
2013 Iron Cat

Information from an expert: In 2013, the iconic board game Monopoly retired one of its tokens and replaced it with a cat. As an expert in game design and marketing, I can attest that this move was a strategic decision by Hasbro to not only update the game but also appeal to younger audiences who may be more familiar with cats than the outdated iron token. The cat token has since become even more popular than its predecessor, proving that even small changes to an established brand can make a big impact on consumer engagement.

Historical fact:

In 2013, the board game Monopoly replaced its iron playing piece with a cat token after an online poll conducted by Hasbro allowed fans to vote on which classic game piece to retire and what to replace it with.

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