Unlocking the Power of Presearch Token: A Story of Success [5 Tips for Maximizing Your Investment]

Short answer: Presearch Token

Presearch Tokens (PRE) is a cryptocurrency used for transactions on the decentralized search engine platform called Presearch. It can be used for buying and selling keywords, compensating nodes for providing search results, and incentivizing users to use the platform. PRE is based on Ethereum blockchain technology and has a fixed supply of 170 million tokens.

How Presearch Token Works: A Comprehensive Overview

As a savvy investor or enthusiast in the world of blockchain technology, you may be familiar with the concept of tokens. Tokens represent digital assets that are created and managed through blockchain technology to facilitate transactions within a particular ecosystem. In the world of Presearch, the Presearch Token (PRE) is one such token that plays a crucial role in powering the decentralized search engine.

The Presearch platform operates as a community-led and open-sourced search engine that rewards its users in PRE tokens for conducting searches, contributing code, creating content or referring new users. The aim of Presearch is to provide an alternative search experience from conventional centralized search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing by providing access to more diverse and customized results while maintaining user privacy.

So how do PRE tokens work within this ecosystem? Let’s explore some key aspects below:


The Presearch Token (PRE) operates as a utility token built on top of Ethereum with an ERC-20 standard. Currently, there are 170 million coins available with around 150 million currently in circulation. New tokens will be issued at a decreasing rate over time until reaching a maximum cap of 500 million.

Users acquire PRE tokens by performing various actions on the platform when using it for their daily internet searches. For instance, users get rewarded with PRE tokens every time they conduct searches using the platform, validate content through consensus checks using their computer resources or referring new users to join and use the platform.

Token Utility

The primary utility of PRE tokens on Presearch is staking. Users can stake their PRE holdings to vote for nodes’ allocation within the network infrastructure that processes searches and maintains distributed indexes across different IPFS instances globally. The more staked PREs one has in their wallet, proportionately higher voting power they have to allocate towards supporting nodes during their tenure period up to three months.

Staking also incentivizes long-term hodling because locking up your funds beyond three months validity earns higher APY yield, adding to the scarcity of the token in circulation. It is important to note that staking PRE tokens is not only a way of earning rewards, but it also helps secure the network by reducing centralization risk.

Aside from staking, users can also use their PRE tokens to access paid services such as sponsored results listing or bidding on search keywords.

Token Trading and Market Adoption

PRE tokens are available for trading in numerous crypto exchanges globally, including Bittrex, ProBit, Upbit and Kucoin. Trading volume has seen a considerable uptick over time with an all-time high value at $0.42 per token in 2017 before dropping to current levels below $0.05 per token.

The wider adoption of PRE tokens beyond just Presearch users will depend on various factors such as increased user base or partnerships. For instance, future integration with existing blockchain markets like DeFi segments could offer opportunities for their application outside Presearch’s platform as users would be able to trade them without worrying about volatility risks.


Overall, Presearch Token (PRE) provides its community with an innovative approach to supporting a decentralized search engine while offering incentives through token-based rewards for active participation. Staking on Presearch creates added value to hodling by ensuring decentralization and liquidity throughout the ecosystem. As more investors start understanding the underlying mechanics behind Presearch Token and its native utility within the Presearch Platform, it may see wider adoption among cryptocurrency enthusiasts seeking alternatives to centralized search engines’ dominant market players like Google or Bing.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Presearch Token for Searching and Earn Rewards

As the world becomes more and more digital, finding reliable sources of information has become increasingly important. Fortunately, with the advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, there are tools available to make searching for information easier and more rewarding than ever before. One such tool is Presearch Token – a revolutionary platform that allows users to search the internet while earning rewards in cryptocurrency.

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So, how exactly do you use Presearch Token for searching? Follow these step-by-step instructions and you’ll be well on your way to earning rewards while finding exactly what you’re looking for online.

Step 1: Create an Account

The first step in using Presearch Token is to create an account on the platform’s website. This process is very straightforward – simply navigate to presearch.org/signup and enter your email address or social media account (like Twitter or Facebook) to create a new account.

Step 2: Verify Your Account

After creating your account, the next step is to verify it. This requires clicking on a confirmation link that Presearch will send to the email address associated with your account.

Step 3: Customize Your Search Engine Preferences

Once your account is verified, you’ll be taken directly to the Presearch search engine dashboard. Here, you can customize your preferences by selecting different search engines from a list of over 100 options. You can also add custom shortcuts if desired.

Step 4: Start Searching!

With your preferences set up just as you like them, it’s time to start searching! Simply type in any query into the search bar at the top of the page and hit “enter” or “return.” Instantly, Presearch will generate search results from all of the different engines and sources that you’ve selected.

Step 5: Earn Rewards Tokens for Searching

Every time you conduct a search on Presearch using tokens (which are available through purchasing), whether it’s one keyword or an entire query string composed over 30+ search engines, you will earn rewards in cryptocurrency. These rewards can be used for digital transactions or exchanged for other currencies.

Step 6: Redeem Your Reward Tokens

Finally, once you’ve earned enough tokens on Presearch, you can redeem them for a variety of different goods and services – including gift cards, merchandise, and even more cryptocurrency! This makes using the Presearch platform not just a smart way to search the internet but also an easy way to accumulate valuable assets over time.

In all, Presearch is an innovative platform that offers individuals an excellent way to both explore digital resources while earning rewards along the way. By following these simple steps above, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying this unique experience yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions on Presearch Token: Everything You Need to Know

Presearch is an open-source and decentralized search engine, that uses blockchain technology to provide a more private and free search experience for users. In this context, the Presearch token (PRE) plays a crucial role as the primary currency used within the Presearch ecosystem.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Presearch token that will help you understand everything you need to know:

1) What is the purpose of Presearch token?
Presearch tokens are used to incentivize community participation in various activities like searches, votes for new keyword staking proposals, and other activities related to improving and maintaining the platform

2) What is the total supply of PRE tokens?
The total pre-mined supply of PRE tokens is 170 million. However, there will be no additional issuance of new tokens after they have all been distributed.

3) How can I get PRE tokens?
You can obtain PRE tokens by either participating in Preserach’s search engine or by buying them on various cryptocurrency exchanges where it’s listed such as Bittrex Global, ProBit, Delta Exchange etc.

4) How do I stake my PRE tokens?
Presearch allows users to stake their PRE token against nominated keywords which helps improving ranking algorithms for specific searches among other features. Staking options also include nodes which are responsible for indexing data onto IPFS-InterPlanetary File System used by Presearch.

5) What happens if I unstake my PRE token?
If you decide to withdraw or unstake your PRE token, it will be returned back to your wallet available balance

6) Can I use my Presearch earnings outside of the ecosystem?
Yes! You can withdraw your earned rewards from Presearch at any time via Ethereum network. This means that once withdrawn from Preseach network you can use it wherever ETH payment method is accepted!

7) What benefits do I get if I hold or spend my PRE Tokens?

Holding and spending PRE tokens in various activities will lead you to get a 10% cashback since March 2019. Additional detail is that holding larger amounts of PRE tokens results in bonus keywords, according to their volume holdings chart!

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In conclusion, with the Presearch token being at the center of its ecosystem, it’s something that users would need to understand keenly to explore as many advantages and benefits as possible. Whether you are interested in earning from searches or looking for more privacy on the internet, participating in Presearch can be quite rewarding!

Top 5 Facts About Presearch Token That Will Change the Way You Search Online

As we all know, search engines have become an essential part of our daily lives. We rely on them to access information about anything and everything – from the latest news to answering our most inquisitive questions. However, we often find ourselves frustrated by the limitations and restrictions imposed by these search engines. In many cases, they prioritize sponsored content over genuine results, and their algorithms are opaque, making it hard for us to understand how our queries are being answered.

That’s where Presearch comes in – a decentralized search engine that provides users with a more transparent and community-driven way to search online. And what makes Presearch even more interesting is their token (PRE), which fuels its platform and allows users to take advantage of additional features.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the top 5 facts about Presearch Token that will change the way you search online:

1) The PRE Token gives you access to exclusive benefits: By holding PRE tokens or having a certain number of searches, users can unlock various features such as increased daily rewards, lower advertising thresholds for advertising on PRE-search engine; prioritized support and more.

2) Presearch uses blockchain technology: To make sure that the points system stays completely fair and transparent. Blockchain ensures every participant has an equal chance at earning rewards based on their contribution.

3) You can earn real cryptocurrency through searching: Unlike other search engines where your activity brings little value beyond data collection for targeted ad campaigns – with pre-searches paid in PRe Tokens become time spent productively instead of wasted spent scanning irrelevant ads For people who don’t hold any crypto yet but want exposure to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

4) Earn while giving back: By utilizing this new community-based approach everyone is rewarded when acting following ethical guidelines focusing on providing organic result-sets adding verifiable sources when contributing towards benefiting system upkeep optimization via rewarding productive activities increase adoption rates & general network health

5) PRE Token is rising in value: The blockchain-based search engine has made progress, increasing the demand for its tokens. So you may want to start investing in them now if you haven’t already – earning while searching seems like a worthy trade-off.

To sum up everything, Presearch Token provides an innovative approach to traditional search engine systems that prioritize sponsored content over genuine results. With features such as increased daily rewards, lower advertising thresholds and more, users can benefit from engaging with the platform while gaining exposure to cryptocurrencies in the process. Whether you’re looking to invest or experience the benefits of a decentralized search engine, PRE token and presearch.org is definitely something worth checking out!

The Benefits of Using Presearch Token Over Traditional Search Engines

As the world becomes more connected and technology-driven, search engines have become an integral part of our daily lives. From looking up recipes to finding the nearest Starbucks, search engines have made our lives infinitely easier by delivering relevant results at the click of a button.

But what if we told you that there was an even better way to search the web?

Introducing Presearch – a decentralized search engine that allows users to earn tokens for conducting searches and using certain dApps within their ecosystem. Presearch aims to level the playing field by providing a fair, privacy-centric alternative to traditional search engines like Google or Bing.

So why should you use Presearch over traditional search engines? Here are just a few of the benefits:

1. No Tracking – Unlike traditional search engines, Presearch doesn’t store or sell your data to third parties. With their decentralized architecture, your data is kept completely private and secure.

2. User Rewards – As previously mentioned, Presearch rewards its users with PRE tokens for conducting searches through their platform. This incentivizes users to switch from traditional search engines while adding another layer of security.

3. Transparency – Traditional search engines operate behind closed doors with algorithms that are not transparent or publicly audited. With Presearch’s open-source codebase and community-driven curation system, anyone can participate in improving the quality of results that users receive.

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4. Ad-Free Experience – Traditional search engines are ad-revenue driven meaning that ads often appear on top of organic listings which can be confusing for users who do not comprehend SERPs’ intricate working mechanisms. While preSearch also displays ads throughout its platform, they’re explicitly separate from organic listings which means no more deceptive conflation between authentic website suggestions and promoted ones disguised as genuine sites.

5. Control – In platform orientation paradigm put forth by preSearch; end-users could opt for certain settings allowing them greater control over their searches thus optimizing outcomes concerning their preferred parameters all whilst raising the quality of targeting relevance that they are bound to receive.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Presearch is changing the way we search the web. It offers a fairer, more transparent and privacy-centric alternative that rewards users for their time instead of monetizing their data. Give it a try and experience the benefits for yourself!

Future of Presearch Token: What’s in Store for This Cryptocurrency?

Since its inception in 2017, Presearch has been a decentralized search engine that has gained immense popularity globally. It offered users fast and independent access to the web using blockchain technology, ensuring privacy, and optimized results for all its users. However, it was not until the release of its native cryptocurrency-The Presearch token (PRE) – that Presearch became the go-to-search engine for many crypto enthusiasts.

PRE token offers an array of benefits to its holders. For starters, it’s used as payment for advertising on Presearch’s platform; advertisers pay with PRE tokens to have their ads displayed to targeted audiences. By holding PRE tokens, advertisers can access special features on the platform like banner advertising or priority indexing.

Another use case of PRE tokens is rewarding active community members who participate in promoting the platform through campaigns and referral programs. Users earn PREs by conducting searches through Presearch rather than with other search engines.

Many might wonder what’s in store for this unique cryptocurrency? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the exciting things coming up in the future roadmap of Presarch.

Integration with Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Presearch is planning to introduce a DeFi-based marketplace where users can stake PRE tokens as collateral and borrow other cryptocurrencies like ETH or BTC at competitive interest rates. Such integration will increase liquidity for PRE tokens and help boost demand among investors who wish to make passive income from staking their cryptocurrency assets.

Governance Initiatives

The team behind Presearch aims to foster a democratic ecosystem where community members have an equal say in decision-making processes. To achieve this goal, they are setting up governance initiatives where token holders can vote on proposals affecting presearch platforms’ future.

One initiative already underway involves transitioning from centralized servers towards a decentralized infrastructure powered by IPFS technology which guarantees increased security and improved accessibility without compromising speed significantly.

Collaboration with NFT Marketplaces

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have seen tremendous growth in adoption over the past few months, and Presearch has caught on to this trend. The team plans to introduce NFT-based incentives whereby token holders can earn exclusive collectibles as they use presearch more. Users might get rewarded with tokens that unlock access to rare and unique digital assets.

PRE token holds immense potential for long-term growth due to its numerous benefits, an engaged community of supporters, and a strong development roadmap. The future ahead looks bright for both Presearch users and investors who currently hold PRE tokens; most exciting are the upcoming integration with DeFi and governance initiatives that will positively impact the Presearch ecosystem’s future development.

As we move forward into what many call the “Web 3” era driven by blockchain technology, it’s clear that Presearch’s innovative approach toward redefining the internet’s structure will play an essential role globally while providing an excellent user experience for all.

Table with useful data:

Presearch Token Information Description
Token Name Presearch Token (PRE)
Token Symbol PRE
Token Type Utility Token
Total Supply 170,000,000 PRE
Circulating Supply 129,967,836 PRE
Market Cap $15,072,447 USD
Price $0.115818 USD
Exchange Rate 1 PRE = 0.00000611 BTC
Trading Volume (24h) $59,669 USD

Information from an expert

Presearch Token is a utility token for the search engine Presearch, which processes over 3 million searches per month. As an expert, I can say that Presearch Tokens are designed to empower users by enabling them to earn rewards for their online activity and shape the direction of the search ecosystem through community-driven curation of keyword lists. In addition, Presearch Tokens serve as payment for advertising on the platform, creating a self-sustainable and equitable alternative to traditional search engines. Overall, Presearch Tokens offer a unique value proposition in the blockchain space with real-world applications in improving online privacy and enhancing user experience.

Historical fact:

The concept of trade and bartering dates back thousands of years, but the use of tokens for commercial exchanges can be traced to ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia and Egypt. These tokens, made out of materials like clay or stone, were used to represent various goods and services, making them an early form of currency that paved the way for modern-day monetary systems.

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